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        Chinese Dafen Oil Painting Network was founded in 2003, belonging to art style painting industry group, aimed at building the painting information platform for art lovers and the oil painting market, the channels of communication with each other. We base ourselves on three oil painting village, the first - Shenzhen Dafen Oil Painting Village, and multiple forms of credit management, studio + gallery + sign = production + sales + original, self-produced self-marketing, high-end original, make every effort to maintain a competitive advantage in the market , sway creativeness to meet everyone requirements. We have our own creation of large-scale studio, as well as more than 20 studio in Union, more than 30 original artists, more than 1,000 co-artist, 1 million or more peer-friends. Many years of honing and precipitation, so that we harvest is not wealth, but a solid foundation and huge resources. 
        Today's Dafen Oil Painting Village, is our people's pride in Dafen oil painting, Dafen oil painting of our people intact, and give us endless pride, but also gives us an infinite pressure. We are only willing to see progress Dafen Oil Painting Village, unwilling to go backwards for any reason, the rise of 80s, 90s, high-speed, are proud of the number. 2000's development, let us second-generation big-fun people, bearing the pioneering spirit of their predecessors, Jan oil painting art charm, advances in the resistance, in advance grow.
        Our wide range of painting services, professional to provide custom painting and oil painting wholesale, to undertake various kinds of drawing painting, for example: portraits, landscapes, still life paintings, realist paintings, impression paintings, abstract art and so on. We are especially adept at painting wall murals, done many large projects, such as: the Indian capital hotel, the South China Sea Scenic Garden Hotel, Dongguan, wall art real estate company, Shenzhen, restaurant and other farmers. We export a large quantity of oil paintings, long-term exports of Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Australia and other regions, in order to expand the world Dafen oil painting oil painting market, and raise its visibility, and establish a brand, out of a source of strength.
        Come on, friends who love the arts! Whether you are art lovers or art practitioners, or the art of operators, or art buyers, have come to Dafen Oil Painting Village, a walk, in the atmosphere of art intentions of feelings. You will gain unlimited harvest - is not just a painting.
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