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Oil painting knowledge
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Russian Painting
    The development of Russian painting has experienced the following main stages: The first phase is the period of ancient Russia, which is formed from the cofactor to Peter the Great Duchy of time before the reform. This is the early stage of Russia's feudal society and the ancient Byzantine Culture transplant the formation period of the Russian national art. In the Russian culture can be seen the profound impact of Byzantine Culture. The second stage is the rule of Peter the Great to Queen of the whole leaf Kadelinna 18th century, it is Russia's reforms and "European" period.
Anglo-American Painting
    1534 England's King Henry VIII broke with Rome, the Pope established the Church of England, which marked the beginning of the Reformation in England, but also led to the destruction of the Protestant religion, to replace the traditional religious sculpture, altar paintings and manuscripts binding. British art re-start is the Renaissance inherited the aftermath of the European continent, in which the decisive impact of a small German painter Hans Holbein the Younger, it was he brought to England in the form of portraits.
    The 20th century, the world's major events are: competition for labor between the capitalist countries, production resources and market launch of the First World War; Russia an enormous impact on the socialist revolution, the rise of the East followed; unprecedented brutal World War II as well as the US-Soviet hegemony and the Cold War.
France Ji Winnipeg SCHOOL
    Sur-Seine near Paris, there is a picturesque small village - Kyrgyzstan Vinny. It is backing one side, one side is the endless fields, the beautiful Seine River flowing from the village; white houses, green trees, open lawn, beautiful gardens, as well as streams, poplar, as well as the fields of the valley weeds, permeated a strong country flavor. 1883 French impressionist master Claude Monet first came here, and in this to create most of his representative works.
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