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What is the wall painting
Date:2010-1-13 15:49:25    [ Back ]

Wall painting (also known as wall art) is a recent trend of home decoration, it is no longer took people painting the wall pattern, but that you modified new house, renovation, clubs, exhibition halls, bars, and so many parts of the ideal! From a value perspective, the average family are all white walls and the main decoration, wallpaper or other decorative material is a lot more than the cost, and easy to dirty or damaged! However, as long as the walls painted a small investment can make your walls become vivid, beautiful and generous. Favorably compared to other materials such as wallpaper! From an artistic and aesthetic point of view, wallpaper or other decorative materials opinions on such a pick to pick a few, is nothing more than the change in color, texture basically similar, there is no artistic, if you choose a wall painted Then I can tell you that as long as you like what we can put it on you want to put either side of the wall, or elsewhere, and that of your furniture and environment co-ordination and embellishment to make room for a more harmonious and personality!

People have the impression that painting has been hung on the wall, paintings on the wall paintings seems to stay in small groups. Hand-painted wall art is its unrestrained, innocent and naive to conquer the fashion. Professional wall painting is painting materials, environmental protection, according to owner's decorating style, color matching, and owner preferences, plotted in the wall a vivid picture of the flow rate as if the landscape would be a freeze-frame on the wall. Wall paintings not only has excellent decorative effect, unique picture is also reflected in the owner's fashion taste. Hand-painted works of every sum and every color are all personality, usually occurring before painting the whole room, style, colors to select the size, pattern, color and shape. To avoid the proliferation of the wall paintings, pattern duplication, hand-painted home division will be based on different patterns in different styles designed to ensure that every property owner in the unique nature of the wall paintings.

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