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Knowledge of a wall painting
Date:2010-1-13 15:51:09    [ Back ]

1. What material the wall painting is painting?
We use professional acrylic paints wall paintings, water-based, and environmentally friendly. Acrylic paint is a chemical Synthetic emulsion particles mixed with the color of the new paints. Acrylic paint appeared in the 20th century, 50 years or so, testing proved that it has a lot better than other paint characteristics: flexible film after drying, strong wear-resistant, water-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-aging natural, non-fading, non-degenerate off, painting non-glare, easy to wash, after a good painting, suitable for rack paintings, indoor and outdoor murals and so on. It can be a repeated stacking layers, draw a heavy feeling; also can be added to powder and the amount of water, using a similar law covering overlapping gouache painting the picture level, rich and clear; such as pigments can be added to a lot of moisture out of watercolors, Chinese Painting of the effect of a baked layers of dye, pushing halo, thoroughly stacked, the effect is pure and transparent.

2. Walls painted to maintain long, will not easily fade, good or not care, how care?
We know that family life also ten years for wall decorations, wall painting can maintain 10 years without fading, and the wall basically the same life span, unless they are poor quality paint wall itself will lead to Diaopi because of propylene with water to go directly to the wall melting. There is dust and smirch directly with a dry towel or slightly damp cloth to wipe some can no longer require special protection measures to clean up.
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