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Wall painting of knowledge 2
Date:2010-1-13 15:52:47    [ Back ]

3. Look tired want to change a wall painting or decoration how to do?
      If you do not get tired of this pattern or color, we recommend that the existing pattern to make some extension and add to make your home a new look pattern again. We can also re-drawn patterns and colors you want, just take the original walls painted a putty shovel out to play, a brand new latex paint on the ok, want to trade in other wall decoration is equally simple.

4. Wallpaper and other decorative painting contrast with the walls painted?
      Wallpaper or other decorative material is a great home decorating costs, such as South Korea personalized wallpaper, the price of up to several thousand dollars a square, but the walls painted as long as one-third of the price of wallpaper can make your walls becomes personality, lively and more than wallpaper and other materials to make the effect greater than that. From an artistic and aesthetic point of view, wallpaper or other decorative material pick to pick a few opinions on it, is nothing more than the change in color, texture, basically just about right; If you choose to paint our walls, then as long as you like, whether it is What kind of paintings, we can put it on you want to put either side of the wall or other places, but also to ensure the final results. So you a wider choice, and our targeted individually designed furniture for your home and environment co-ordination and embellishment to make room for a more coordinated and personality! According to your request to make one side completely belongs to you, a unique wall! Some people will ask him if if damaged or soiled how to do? If it is ordinary wall you may have to spend a lot of the silver to paint the entire wall, or in exchange for a whole wall of wallpaper. The walls need painting, and can repair damaged, dirty you can scrub!

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