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Wall painting of knowledge 3
Date:2010-1-13 15:54:35    [ Back ]

5. What time to paint the best?
      Asks a lot, our house is being renovated into the paint is good and when? We generally in the decoration of the wall latex paint has been dried or has placed a good time to the furniture. Both cases, advantages and disadvantages, the former front wall painting in the decoration of the Working Group has been involved in the design, the latter is based on household decoration designed to meet the wall to maximize the beauty of painting. No matter what a time, walls are painted to achieve the desired aesthetic and decorative effect.

6. Whether the latter part of the wall painting services, such as repair and so on?
      Regular wall painted studio walls are painted a contract, there are post-security. Normal operation of the wall painting in the painted wall sign painted on the contract began, with walls painted in the latter part of maintenance considerations and free services. We are committed to our work and the walls painted the walls with life, as long as the wall is not damaged, our work will not change color, fall off. A small area of man-made damage, we are responsible for maintaining free of charge.

7. Area calculation problem?
      There are user said, painting a tree, to graphically put pen to paper to take the edge of a square area calculation and unreasonable. From the aesthetic sense, which is part of compositions within the scope of business, which is the shape of the tree itself, the decision, and it is needed and necessary. From the artistic sense, painting itself is not a way to create a specific calculation of the price of labor in order to obtain a square edge graphic artist working results of the calculation is the recognition and quantification of the painting in the form of. A blank area is the artist painting business scope, there is no gap would be a muddle-headed, single fishing trees and snow, it is a business drawing a blank, so the tree, and other start to write a blank area of the frame to take the edge of a square area calculation is reasonable. We are generally less than one square meter by square meter operator. If the map of the hollow areas are more appropriate under the circumstances we would count less space, so that customers and we can accept it.
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