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Wall painting of knowledge 4
Date:2010-1-13 15:55:26    [ Back ]

8. In addition to painting the walls there are other places to art? Tiles and ceramics in the paint on the can do? Skin effect will not fade or fall off? Will be dissolved with water do?
      Acrylic paint scalability relatively strong, you can walls, glass, wood and other objects on the drawing. As long as you can think of where we all can be painted on. Of course, ceramic and tile surfaces can be painted. However, the adhesion of ceramic tiles and ceramic vessels below the wall, we can add a layer of painted surface protection layer, play a role in protection of paintings. This is not faded or peeling off, and even more will not be dissolved with water.

9. How did you paint this wall, how the fees?
      I think this is also the customers most frequently asked question, and the most concern. Because different customers prefer different styles, selected paintings ease of their own. Therefore, the selected paintings, we can not estimate until a specific price. There are two inexpensive 310 square, and expensive, there are also thousands of a square.
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