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Introduction of traditional Chinese painting
Date:2010-1-22 13:40:16    [ Back ]

       Chinese painting, also known as "Chinese Painting", China's traditional paintings (as distinct from 'Western art'). Tools and materials are brush, ink, painting pigment, rice paper, silk and so on, subjects can be divided into figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, can be divided into meticulous and freehand techniques, it is the spiritual core of a "calligraphy."
       From the perspective of art history, the Republican front are collectively referred to as paintings. Chinese painting in ancient times no specific names, commonly known as Dan-Qing, mainly referring to is painted on silk, rice paper, silk, and to be mounted on a scroll painting. To distinguish it from the West since the modern oil paintings (also known as Western painting) and other foreign paintings and referred to Chinese painting, referred to as "painting." It is unique in accordance with the aesthetic trend of the Chinese nation and the consequent artistic and creative.
       Chinese painting in the content and artistic creation, reflecting the national consciousness of the Chinese nation and aesthetic taste, reflecting the ancients on the natural, social and associated political, philosophical, religious, moral, cultural and other aspects of awareness. Painting emphasis on "teacher and good fortune, in the very heart source", melting things I create mood, calling for "Italian Pen deposit first, the painting was intended to do" to reach in order to form writing God, Xingshenjianbei, Qiyun vivid. As the painting homology, both have emphasized the inability to express emotion on the bone France pen, so painting with calligraphy, seal carving mutual influence, each other. Modern and contemporary Chinese paintings in the tradition and absorption of foreign techniques, the breakthrough and development.
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