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Hand-painted Mural Art
Date:2010-1-26 15:52:53    [ Back ]

Hand-painted wall art from the streets of graffiti, in recent years, many of the foreign street artists moved into the art of everyday life. The different is that it's coat off the wild and become more home-oriented, suitable for all kinds of people to disguise their own room.

Wall painting is the humanistic style of expression. Hand-painted wall art in the city getting hot, it is mainly based on the owner's hobbies and interests, subject to the overall design style of home, in their own sketched out a variety of patterns to decorate the wall at home.

Wall paintings not only design should be subordinated to the overall design style, color and overall design but also the style of the same. Simple Scandinavian design color were relatively extreme, walk in black and white ash and ultra-bright color at both ends, so the design of the wall paintings are mostly processed rather abstract patterns. Modern designs tend to bright colors, the corresponding wall paintings more realistic pattern. European-designed hand-painted designs a more neutral color, low-profile, wall painting designs mainly from classical European-style decorative symbols, to tie in with European-style furniture, wall-line performance. Chinese-style pattern is mainly the more traditional colors of black, red, gold, wall painting designs mainly from the traditional Chinese painting designs patterns and the performance of the regular pattern.

The wall became a drawing board, and the costumes of their own personalized space, it allows us bid farewell to a single wall, adding to the fun. Is more fashionable than the wallpaper, highlighting the diversity. Let us work together hand-drawn into the world, and a taste of its unique charm.
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