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On the Western Modern Art
Date:2010-1-28 17:36:28    [ Back ]

Wittgenstein oppose the use of general methods to define the idea of art and works of art reflects the precision of his thinking. Between the different types of art, in the past that people thought many things in common, in fact, only a similarity. In a class of art forms and another form of art that exists between a "gradual" and similar, but not in all art forms, there is some commonality between the categories. Great impact of this theory. To continue to Wittgenstein, many analytical philosophers who went on to present works of art without the necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for claims. Ken Nike that the similarity of art is to find practical, it has a positive meaning, rather than trying to find that the definition of art and non art efforts, is a rambling philosophical issue, would be futile. Weitz, suggests that art is an "open concept" on the grounds that new art forms and types of endless, no one can expect an updated art and updates will be a non-art What is the relationship between. Therefore, can not be the necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for the concept of art closed. Even said: "The reason people are able to distinguish between art and non-art, the art is not esthetician defined outcome, but because people speak English; that is, people know how to use the word art, or works of art." So peace, very much love to give up the attempt to find the definition and boundaries, and the peace of mind.

However, the fact is plainly, beyond a reasonable doubt to remind us: the border is there, should be defined is true. When I access in major art museums, stroll the galleries in Soho Street, when I watch time and time again on the avant-garde art exhibitions and film records, I really can not agree with the views of the esthetician. Because in fact among the works of art and non-art sub-obvious differences (including the most avant-garde works included), artists and non-artists also awarded their obvious differences, at least, experience tells us that this distinction is no doubt not just because people know how to the use of "art" to be used.
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