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Post-modern art
Date:2010-5-20 14:10:43    [ Back ]

Post-modern art is a place in the 70s of last century, at 80,90's popular in Europe and America West have completed the information-based industrialization. Thus, the post-modern, conceptual art more popular. The world no longer centers, art is no longer the trend, "how goes," reflects the post-modern art unlimited inclusive and diverse development potential. Although the postmodern movement is well known before World War II, the concept of re-screening and re-evaluation, but could not conceal this fact: Art has been desperate humanity from the cold indifference to the non-human transition. When the future of the philosophy of modernism, art, culture, medicine and architecture so had a tremendous impact, the gist is to reject the basic premise of modernity and its norms. Post-modernism in the arts, such abandon that their refusal of modern art as an autonomous division of the cultural value, and refused to limit the principles of modern art forms and ideological tendencies, and its essence is beyond the subjective expressionism, noble nature with nature.
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