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Sculpture art
Date:2010-7-3 11:54:52    [ Back ]

Sculpture is a permanent art! It is some objective physical or social ideology, there have been a witness! Old to the age of many of the things in the history of the erosion has gone under, ancient sculpture, a heritage area to some extent become the image of the history of mankind. It reflects the lives of people of various age and the presence of belief, system, culture and art! Reproduced Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor unified China 2,000 years ago army eminence. Huo Han tomb stone Majestic reflects the determination of Han and the Han Dynasty to open up boundaries of national prestige. With the development of human society, plastic arts proved to be more and more time, thought, emotion, aesthetic crystallization of the visualization of the historical record of social development is the generation of a generation yearning for the pursuit of expression.

Sculpture is the use of plasticity, the material can be carved of materials: stone, wood, metal, plaster, resin and clay, by carving, engraving, plastic, casting, welding and other artistic means of production, reflecting the social life, the expression of aesthetic ideas, aesthetic three-dimensional entities with the concept of plastic arts, is a static, visible, palpable three-dimensional entities to form the subject image and space forms to reflect the reality, Representing Reality, known as the "solidification of dance and verse." With the development and concepts of the changes in the emergence of modern art in the traditional four-dimensional inverse five-dimensional sculpture, dynamic sculpture, and soft sculptures. People to change the concept of time and space, breaking the traditional three-dimensional static form, to explore multi-dimensional space-time ideology.
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