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Comparison canvas
Date:2011-3-5 15:56:23    [ Back ]

Ordinary linen, hemp is used jute species, and the production process a bit rough, but it does not contain synthetic ingredients. Good canvas (canvas) than normal to fine workmanship, materials will be on a relatively thick undercoating Sheng, relatively smooth surface of this canvas, works better reflect the beauty of it. The best canvas is a good quality pure linen, the surface should be relatively smooth and no lumps burr. In fact, the main significance of the canvas is a good long-term preservation of oil paintings, pure linen tough and firm, by the temperature and humidity affect the small and difficult to deformation and metamorphism, it is the best canvas. Another relatively strong cotton canvas seems to be good. Pure linen is more expensive, and blended fabrics now available in a lot cheaper, but is relatively easily deformed. Linen texture is relatively hard, and cotton and blended the more softer. The hand mainly depends on the thickness and texture of the canvas itself, of course, good point should be relatively flat canvas surface. But the feel is a more personal question, some people like coarse grain cloth, like fine lines and some cloth, some like some people like hard little softer, so it feels good or not for the easily understood by people. There is no short term adverse effects, arguably better linen. Close thick uniform, pore-free nodes and conducive to preservation.
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