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Mona Lisa: Da Vinci gay
Date:2011-3-17 14:56:56    [ Back ]

Italian paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci experts on Wednesday (2) that the Renaissance painting "Mona Lisa" painting is the artist Leonardo da Vinci's apprentice human, which may also exist for some gay mentoring situation. Remarks one, immediately triggered controversy, collection of "Mona Lisa" refers to the Paris Louvre, the paintings there were many cracks due to aging, lead to "read too much.".

President of the Italian National Cultural Heritage Committee temperature Chedi (Silvano Vinceti) that Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci) created the "Mona Lisa" of ideas, mainly from the following 25 years he worked for the apprentice Salai (Salai). Sarai The
名卡普罗蒂 (Gian Giacomo Caprotti), researchers believe, this young artist apprentices since 1490 when Leonardo da Vinci, the model has repeatedly served as a teacher and is the source of inspiration for their pieces of work.

Chedi's team than the temperature of "St. John the Baptist", "Angel Incarnate" Leonardo da Vinci painting the human face and other features found in the nose and mouth with the Mona Lisa "is remarkably similar." They carry out high-quality digital copy of the post-test also found that two of the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci left behind in the small letter "L" and "S", that were on his own behalf and Salai. Chedi Wen said the two mentoring as "ambiguous" relationship, and may be the lover.
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