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Rembrandt counterfeit goods sold for real prices
Date:2009-12-30 15:25:29    [ Back ]

Recently, a British auction house for 2.2 million pounds and sold for a valuation of only about £ 1,000 a Rembrandt portrait. Although the seller's prior statements paintings are fakes, but many bidders insisted that the Dutch painter Rembrandt's authentic. Auctioneer said the painting was an unknown admirer of Rembrandt's works can be 1700 times higher than the reserve price and sold to the auction house is also unexpected.

Professional accreditation is a fake

To participate in the auction this piece of 17th-century painting called "young democrats Rembrandt: laughing philosopher," paintings hanging in the United Kingdom Gloucestershire a people's living room has been 50 years. Painting master itself does not determine the authenticity of the paintings, a few years ago asked the experts to verify its validity painting. He told the auctioneer Philip. Allwood, experts think that this is a replica. Allwood said: "When I saw this painting, he immediately finds that it is very much like Rembrandt's own works, but the seller said that many years ago, had been on the identification of it is not. I have studied for several months, and later even made to the National Museum in Amsterdam, they said that although this is not the works of Rembrandt, but it also created in the 17th century, and it is Rembrandt's contemporaries created. but also in the picture is not clear look at the upper left corner there is a group of letter combinations This made us determined not authentic Rembrandt. Based on this, we made a careful evaluation, no one thought was so outrageous mistake. "

Buyers am confident that authentic paintings by unidentified due to the auction-line in advance for 1000-1500 pounds is only a conservative valuation, while also painting a picture e-mail to collectors around the world. Is amazing is that, faced with the seller prior statement on the counterfeit, and many bidders are still fascinated by, and insisted that the painting is a Rembrandt self-portraits.
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