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Chinese art market in 2009
Date:2010-1-13 15:57:28    [ Back ]

Over the past year, the Chinese art market's hot, making China market has become this year's global art market, "one of the few bright spots." By the end of November 2009, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Market Analysis Research Center released a Chinese art market analysis. The report said the third quarter of 2009, the global art market, there are signs of recovery, while the performance in the Chinese market much better than the world.

Beijing Poly launched Ming Wu Bin, "18 volumes to be true figure," gained a lot of 169 million high prices; China Guardian "Book of Ancient Law ink" Session 97 works auctioned at 240 million yuan of the total turnover rate as high as 91% . The industry believes that the first Chinese art market, the recovery should be attributed to the strong support of domestic purchasing power. Of course, China's steady economic growth of the macroeconomic environment is the global leader in the Chinese art market, the performance of the important reasons. While economic growth was led to more collectors, the number of collectors increasing rapidly, forming a strong purchasing power. The study predicts that by 2010, Chinese calligraphy and painting market is likely to continue to create high-value, provoking a new round of art collection craze.
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