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Chinese Oil Painting Awards
Date:2010-1-13 16:06:14    [ Back ]

"Little wife," the underlying narrative Award winning blockbuster

"In recent years, Guangdong has frequently been a lack of grand narrative art, indulge in minor or small, stylish insufficient, the number of sensitive and delicate emotion southern Guangdong painters seem to be more aware of life's little good at moving to" gaze "of the stance close to the masses. The National Art Exhibition, and many artists began to convert in Guangdong and found suitable for their own expression. "美协副主席 China, Guangdong, the Chairman of the United States, said Xu Qin Song.

Guangdong painter Li Chit-ping "small husband and wife," depicts a husband and wife work to foreign workers the moment, one stroke painting classes won the gold medal, this is the first paintings after the liberation of Guangdong Gold Awards. "Small husband and wife", the husband's calm but slightly dazed eyes, his wife dull expression, as well as behind it did not assemble a finished concrete block wall, due to simple, real extravagant floats with the creation of today's environment the formation of a sharp contrast. The painting is said in the initial evaluation when a very "eye-catching." "Today's painting technique too dazzling, and" husband and wife "in direct and simple and sincere hearts." President of China National Art Gallery, said Yang Xiaoyang, "husband and wife" with the times symbol. "In the past art themes of migrant workers, often the performance gap between migrant workers and the city a sense of" small husband and wife, "the performance of the reform and opening up of migrant workers into the city's life and his mental state, healthier, more characteristics of the times."
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