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Paintings auction market turmoil
Date:2010-1-17 11:49:16    [ Back ]

Art auction market, as long as the famous paintings which sold well, which will appear masters of imitation. Wu's imitation imitation appear multiple times in the art auction market is an example.

Wu Guanzhong, contemporary painter living generation, "in form than content", "zero ink" painting theories on the achievements of his paintings. Whether oil painting or ink Danqing, all fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetic essence of painting. Therefore, the various types of work in recent years has been the pursuit of domestic and international auction market. Because of this, blatantly imitated Mr. Wu Guanzhong's work and the auction happened frequently, Mr. Wu is hard to prevent. Many due to litigation arising from the auction fakes are thus emerging.

Why fake paintings again succeeded in the art auction market, especially the imitation has therefore called the artist's counterfeit, often always on the film, much more he pursued the more trend? In fact, we all know is clear. Each an accomplished painter, in his this life which, at every stage of the style looks like, especially in the late painter lifetime number of works of art, the basic context is relatively clear, not to mention art historian , painting Connoisseur specialized research.

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