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Chinese Painting Art Exhibition held in Taipei
Date:2010-2-5 10:46:51    [ Back ]

"2010 China National Paintings of art" exhibition will be held January 30 -2 7 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, vice president of Ji Bin, in Taipei on the 28th to the media, introduced more than two sides of this exhibition of the situation.

According to reports, this exhibition from the China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, organized arts and cultural development of Taiwan Association, Taiwan's "China Planning Association," and Art Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jing Cui contractors. Jibin said Quanguotailian has long been engaged in and promoting cross-strait cultural exchanges. The choice to host this exhibition in Taipei, is aimed at carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture, while strengthening cross-strait cultural exchanges.

Ji Bin said, this will display 36 paintings, all from mainland China to make China a famous oil painting artist Liu's hands. His oil paintings set the length of Oriental Art in oil painting techniques in Roujin prints and Chinese painting techniques and the use of line and color unique style, has a strong visual impact and artistic appeal, and reflects a distinctive personal style and characteristics.
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