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Analysis of paintings 《The Last Supper》
Date:2010-7-16 15:38:20    [ Back ]

Italian painter Leonardo - Da - Vinci (Leonrdo Da Vinci ,1452-1519) for the 米兰圣马利亚 monastery's traditional "Bible" theme murals - "The Last Supper" is Jesus in the exceed the expression section of a night, and his twelve disciples together the Last Supper scene. In the "Last Supper" this piece, the artist Leonardo da Vinci used the focus lens and symmetrical balanced composition. People on both sides of the screen for six, Jesus in the center position, according to people's physical movement can be divided into four groups, each combination of opening and closing between the opposite feeling about the characters between the expressions and gestures by the rich echo each other. Sitting in the middle of Jesus put his hands spread out, the first vertical side, lack of facial expression. This is both sides of the four groups of people form a strong body movements static and dynamic contrasts. Painter Leonardo da Vinci has very much to the performance of the various features and Characters in the state of mind here and now, as well as dynamic changes in characters on the screen visual rhythm. Table and back wall was parallel to the line status, not only increasing the stability of the picture also shows another position of Jesus in the middle of the back wall sense of sublimity.
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