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Van Gogh paintings fall color
Date:2011-2-28 14:07:13    [ Back ]

Scientists have recently discovered that the sun is too strong, it will hurt to Van Gogh paintings. Van Gogh paintings in a number of parts, some bright yellow, and now more and more dark.
Lead to decline in the quality of the direct cause of the color is too light in the ultraviolet light in the paintings produced a series of chemical reactions.
The researchers said that exposure to sunlight can affect the picture of the surface of a few microns. But this time they found that in this short distance, the sun will produce a chemical reaction previously no one knows. This role will lead to chemical changes in pigments, chrome yellow in the picture (chrome yellow) slowly fade and change the original fineness, from the bright bright-yellow, to dark brown.
Scientific journal "Analytical Chemistry" (Analytical Chemistry) published an article this is also a solution, said the establishment of barriers block the ultraviolet radiation, it is expected to protect the paintings.
Van Gogh left his home in his early years, the Dutch went to France, the understanding of a number of artists began to paint more use of bright colors. In his paintings, many with bright yellow to bright, such as the widely known around the world masterpiece - "Sunflower" series.
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