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Name:Cheap oil painting
Range:In order to thank customers for patronage and support, our long-term have launched a special painting, market-oriented. As the special oil painting cheap, so that every time the type of paintings are not the same, but the selection must also be within the scope of special painting. And we guarantee: special painting, definitely not because of poor quality and cheap.
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In order to offer more new and old customers preferential treatment, so that the arts approached the people and beautify life. We are oil painting market, according to the characteristics and their own actual situation, introduced the special painting for all to choose. Special oil paintings, some of our backlog of inventory, some of the promotions we have introduced oil painting, some markets are more expensive type of oil painting. In a word, we are committed to: special painting, certainly cheaper than the normal market price.

Customers are welcome to browse online, or come to the selection, hope we rewarding, satisfied smile surplus.

Our wide range of painting services, professional to provide custom painting and oil painting wholesale, to undertake various kinds of drawing painting, for example: figure painting, landscape painting, still life oil painting, abstract oil painting and so on. We are especially adept at painting wall murals, done many large projects, such as: the Indian capital hotel, the South China Sea Scenic Garden Hotel, Dongguan, wall art real estate company, Shenzhen farmhouse restaurant, etc.; co-operation with our numerous galleries, some have become franchisee, while others have become agents, while others have become wholesalers, to gain bright and sincere cooperation in different forms of domestic oil market; we export a large quantity of oil paintings, long-term export Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Australia and other regions, in order to expand the Dafen Oil Painting oil painting in the world market, thus raising its visibility, and establish a brand, out of a source of strength.
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