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Range:Zhu Dequn, 1920, Clay was born in the town of Xiao County, Anhui (time is of Jiangsu) a doctor with a cultured family, in 1935 in the National College of Art to study Western painting, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, 1941, graduated from the National Art College. Taught at Central University in Nanjing in 1945, the Department of Architecture. National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei in 1949 to teach art. From 1951 to 1955 taught at Taiwan Normal University. In 1955, settled in Paris, engaged in painting. French naturalization in 1980. 1997 member of the French Academy Arts Center to life with disabilities. Mr. Zhu Dequn is today well-known overseas Chinese artists.
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Zhu Dequn aka Chu Teh Chun [Chinese born French Painter, b.1920]
1920 Chu Teh Chun was born in Jiangsu Province, China. During his youth, he studied calligraphy. 1935 Chu entered the National College of Arts in Hangzhou, directed by Lin Fengmian. He intended to study traditional Chinese ink painting, but the department had not yet been established, and so he studied watercolour and oil painting. 1941 Chu graduated with excellent results and was immediately appointed as Assistant Tutor in the College. 1947 Chu travelled through the Yangtze gorges. The breathtaking views made him think of the works of the Tang & Sung masters and caused him to reflect on the relationship between art and nature. 1949 Chu left Nanjing for Taipei. 1950 Zhu Dequn was appointed professor in the Department of Architecture at the Taipei School of Industry. 1951 Chu taught at the National Taiwan Normal University in the Fine Arts Department. 1955 Left for France. Following the River Nile, Zhu Dequn reached Cairo where he had the first contact with Egyptian art, a great fascination for him. After a month's voyage, he arrived in Paris, attended drawing classes at the Academy Grande Chaumi where he met the artist Pan Yuliang. 1956 Chu viewed paintings of Nicholas de Stael at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris that stimulated him to meditate on non-figurative forms of expression. 1958 Chu had his first one-man exhibition in Paris at the Haut Pav?Gallery. 1969 Zhu Dequn was invited to the Tenth Biennale in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where his works were displayed in an entire room. 1979 Hubert Juin, a French writer, poet, art critic as well as a critic for the 19th Century French Literature, published a book on the art of Chu in the Pocket Museum series. 1980 Chu obtained French nationality. 1982 The Andre Malraux Museum in Le Havre organised a major retrospective of Chu's works executed after 1955. 1983 Chu acted as an external examiner for the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Zhu Dequn was also invited by the Union of Chinese Artists to undertake a cultural tour of China. In Hangzhou he visited his alma mater as well as his brother whom he had not seen for thirty years. 1987 A major retrospective was organised at the National Museum of History in Taipei. 1992 Chu did a lithograph for the Olympic Games Centenary. 1993 In March, the Cercle d'Art published a large volume edited by Pierre Cabanne devoted to the works of Chu. 1995 In the context of the "Manif 95" Chu exhibited at the Art Center in Seoul. In the course of the year Chu participated in 13 group exhibitions. 1997 In recognition of his contribution to painting, Chu was elected to membership in the Institute de France, Academie des Beaux Arts.1999 He was formally inducted into l'Institute de France, Academie des Beaux-Arts.
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