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Range:P. Gauguin ,1848-1903 years, with Cezanne, Van Gogh for art history with the famous
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P. Gauguin is an example to illustrate the myth of bohemy and primitivism. He represents the necessity of associating art and life: an Utopia common in vanguardism. His painture includes an important ethic ingredient. Gauguin contempts Occidental culture and despises civilization for primitive peoples. He rejects academic art and values african masks, romanic art and all the streams out of conventions. He appreciate this kind of art, not because of its curiosity and originality, but because of its authenticity. He specially tried to find himself. Finding shelter in different worlds, he found peace. Nevertheless other scholars thought he just travelled to Tahiti searching for sex and mulatto girls.
In his first professional age, he was a stock-exchange agent. From 1874 he was able to make his job compatible with art. In 1883 he abandoned his carrer in order to devote himself to art. He left his family and took refuge in painting. First, he worked Impresionism, but he soon shifted to a clear antinaturalism more interested in suggesting power and emotional values of objects. His painture is already a misticism, since he tries to develop the true meaning of reality. He is a painter of concepts, of misteries of human being; he always asked himself Who are we? Where do we go to?
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