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Name:Thomas landscape
Range:Thomas has excellent decorative landscape features, themes and beautiful, colorful, constitutes a beautiful picture. Thomas landscapes generally applicable to European architectural styles, as well as open space, decorative painting.
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Thomas Gainsborough, English portrait painter and landscape painter famous (1727-1788), Gainsborough was born in England in 1727, a Suffolk wool business family, his mother was a still life painter, So he accepted the good art of early arts education, and later in France where the artist to do Gehuo Fu Luote assistant worked with Hyman for a time. In 1768 he was elected Fellow of the Royal College of Art. His works emphasized light and lively brush strokes, combined with exquisite colors, is he became a royal favorite painter. He portraiture and landscape to blend well, in scenic picture-portrait, in the portrait to add a beautiful landscape. Strokes unrestrained, full of vigor. Representative of the "Blue Shirt Boy" and "Mrs. Graham is respected," "Lady Xi Dun" and "Andrews Couple" and so on.

Gainsborough's work is different from Hogarth, he did not re-plot, lessons learned and focus on the screen their own "self"; also different from his contemporaries the famous portrait painter, the first Dean of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Reynolds ; Reynolds strictly in ancient Greek and Roman art of the classical norms, the pursuit of a grand, solemn, solemn, heavy performance mode; while Gainsborough is a spontaneous, improvisational, intuitive, full of passion and informality, and His portrait is not only often ingenious personalities and natural beauty together, and often break through the program that is scheduled for refreshing.
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