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Range:Chinese people have a special liking for flowers, do not have some feelings of love. Flower paintings, is a highly decorative paintings kinds, forms and color filled with rich beauty. Flower paintings, generally applicable to the living room, dining, study room, art room and other decorative painting.
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The Chinese people as the flower Ling affectionate. With the scientific and cultural progress and development, get lost of those feudal superstition and religion, color, and with full of love nature, love life, looking forward to a bright future emotional well-being attached to flowers. To eulogize the society and life in truth, goodness and beauty, creating a unique aesthetic. Therefore, no matter what the form of the beauty of flowers, especially flowers, graphic arts, the people are great emphasis on form and content.
Decorative flower also known as floral patterns. Patterns derived from nature itself, but also different from the natural. From natural images into a decorative image of process-design changes. Although the natural image of the beautiful, but it also can not satisfy people's demand for beauty, people's lives need to be more ideal for the artistic image of a more transcendent beautification. Design change is the perfect combination of life and nature.

Floral design, the data from the existing law of deformation found in flowers, from which have been inspired by changes in method of pattern design your own pattern, but it is not copied. Only a real master of the pattern changes in methods, such as hyperbole, general method, addition method, geometry, etc., and then to spend with the growth of several common law (such as the leaves are on the Health, clusters, wheel-sheng, flower Rosa xanthina, rehabilitation flap, branches are herbaceous, woody ... ...), and flowers, bud, petal, stamen and so the growth of structure deformation, can only achieve the desired purpose.
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