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【Subject Classification】
Streetscape Architecture
Sailing Waves
Flowers Fruit
Animals Still
Figure Portraits
Comics Cartoons
Palace figure Religion figure
Mediterranean Venice landscape
【Style Classification】
Classical Impression
Cheap painting Knife painting
Realistic Abstract
Impression art Meticulous art
Modern art Combination
【Foreign artists】
Gogh P.Gauguin
Monet Manet
Cezanne Millet
Dali David
Goya Munch
Picasso Pissarro
Bouguereau Da Vinci
Renoir Sisley
Cris Matisse
Kandinsky Klimt
Michelangelo Vettriano
【Chinese artists】
Wu Guanzhong Zao Wou-Ki
Zhu Dequn Guan Zeju
Chen Yifei Yue Minjun
Leng Jun Jin Shangyi
【Sales Gallery】
Picture frame Original art
Cheap art Inventory art
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Range:Full of passion and impact, as well as the forces of nature and magic, giving people the land and sea to enjoy the beauty of style. Apply to the living room, halls, hotels, public places, room decoration.
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Decorative landscape oil paintings subject matter, content, very extensive. In nature, people come in contact with and observed physical image, their shape, color and nature, arising from the vagaries of their own many phenomena, are available in decorative painting, and performance. If Xingyunliushui, lightning, river sunset, Smoke in the desert, ancient temple with big, small bridges, birds and beasts, insects, fish, birds and flowers, spring, summer autumn and winter, folklore and customs, are the people cultivate sentiments of self-cultivation of environmental conditions. And then the feelings expressed through the visual form to find a combination of natural beauty and artificial beauty.
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