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Range:Still life can be seen everywhere in life, still-life images are naturally present in your surroundings, the painter is very good at still life from life to find the ideal images, creative works of art. Still life paintings are also very common, people like to hang in the living room, restaurant, lounge, offices, public places and spaces decorative painting.
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Still can be a kind, it can be a kind, it is usually the same as the general layout of Pi Sheti. As the still life is no life, so you should take them more than usual, as much as possible together to light and composition. Right to set up their own still life is worth doing, because you have complete control over the selection and arrangement of objects.
To the 18th century, the French painter Chardin still life paintings to develop to another peak. He will Ticaifanwei extended to the past, people did not often portrayed in simple, simple kitchen utensils and food to a very ordinary object into a rich aesthetic things. Later, Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne still life painting and also created a new form, the pursuit of art in the form of a sense of focus on the structure and form a solid sense of color. Development today, still life paintings also served as practice the skills and art institutions as a means of teaching.
Other art forms oil painting is a special artistic language can not be replaced. Special character and pure means that it is the development of the human visual arts has made an indelible contribution. The unique charm of the first painting is reflected in its shader. It rushed out of the fresco, tempera, egg painting and other plastic materials and production of the limitations of the media's assistance in color, through the excellent multi-layer material dyed to produce overlapping and cover a rich and subtle color shades change, to reproduce natural purpose. Painting the United States mainly in the material layer and the texture and color are two aspects.
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