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Name:Palace figure
Range:Aristocratic culture, luxury lifestyle, art decoration space, constitute a considerable artistic content and history means that the oil paintings. Court portraits, general decoration in the classical style, space, luxury buildings, hotels, and cultural areas, public places decoration painting.
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Royal portrait is a highly summarized the use of aesthetic language, embodied by the concept of consciousness and aesthetic art form, it can be figurative and abstract of the broad field of vision, there is no binding of the quest, bold use of the laws of formal beauty, with exaggerated, deformation of such practices on the natural physical image processing, to beautify the community and beautify people's lives.
Chivalry and Courtly Love are inseparable, is a prominent cultural phenomenon of medieval Europe. They are deeply rooted in medieval European history, society, culture and literature, especially those with European feudalism, the Roman Catholic Church, as well as two great civilizations of Europe and the Arab conflict and communication are closely linked. Knight reflects the spirit of the evolution of the process of civilization, medieval Europe, while the palace of love marks the European humanist thought and humanistic literature, a significant development. At the same time, they reflect the people's lofty ideals, beautiful sentiments and good relations between people yearning and pursuit. They have become the core of Western civilization, the composition has played a significant impact.
Other art forms oil painting is a special artistic language can not be replaced. Special character and pure means that it is the development of the human visual arts has made an indelible contribution. The unique charm of the first painting is reflected in its shader. It rushed out of the fresco, tempera, egg painting and other plastic materials and production of the limitations of the media's assistance in color, through the excellent multi-layer material dyed to produce overlapping and cover a rich and subtle color shades change, to reproduce natural purpose. Painting the United States mainly in the material layer and the texture and color are two aspects.
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