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Name:Venice landscape
Range:Venice landscape mainly depicting the natural landscape of Venice, a typical Venetian building, river and sailing, for you depict the beautiful city of Venice's unique scenery. Venice Landscape Oil Painting for European construction, large buildings, public places, hotel decoration oil painting.
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Venetian school of painting in the use of color there are many changes, colors, the heap very thick, and some artists use high intensity light to strengthen the main characters, the secondary characters integrated into the shadows. From the technique, they were not limited by tradition, a relatively free and flowing, they used oil paint on canvas to complete the work, because the humid climate is not suitable for the Venice walls and wood-block on the use of egg-color painting method.

Water is the soul of the city of Venice, meandering river, the flow Shiba, Shuiguang convergence Yan Fu and the scenery of the immortal Watertown dry gas, dawn dusk, the city of light water color complement each other, more solemn, poetic. To appreciate the beauty of Venice Shuicheng who should be in the month night beckoned a "gondola", along the canal waterway twists and turns so that they are lost in the misty darkness, appreciate the timeless charm of this ancient city water ... ...

Venice was the second largest port on the Adriatic Sea, has seven hundred years old city of Venice, in the cultural development of the Mediterranean has been an important role to play.
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