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Name:Impression landscape
Range:Impressionist art forms from the previous reliance on history and religion, the artist who boldly abandoned the traditional creative concepts and formulas. Nature is the artist depicts the main object, also left a lot of famous historical paintings. Impression landscape, applicability is very wide, including the living room, corridors, reception, corporate, hotels, public places decoration painting.
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Impressionist emphasis on human objects, light and shadow to the outside world feeling and impression techniques in creative opposition to conservative, advocated artistic innovation. Impressionism focuses on depicting scenes of nature grabbing, so that blink of an eye into eternity, and the scientific principles applied to the painting. Impressionist observation, direct experience of the subtle color changes the performance of a style of modern art influence was far-reaching.

Artists will be the focus shifted to a purely visual experience form, content and theme of the work has become no longer important, and performance of manifestations of inner emotions, ignore the external image of the object depicted different.

Painting techniques, Impressionism was discussed on the light and color, to come up with the external optical method of describing the object, and recognizing the color change is caused by the Shade: the color is observed as the position, by the light of different states and environmental impacts of while the change.
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