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Name:Cheap landscape painting
Range:Cheap landscape painting means cheap, decorative, cost-effective line of a good landscape painting. It is a simple composition, technique and not a single difficulty of drawing the speed is faster. As the landscape line drawing, good price, so customers are receptive to the Chinese market is very great. Landscape painting trip is suitable for living room, Zoukuo, restaurants, recreational areas, hotels, company decoration oil painting.
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Natural scenery painting for the portrayal of the object, called landscapes, early paintings do not have such a separate category, landscape only as background or a number of portraits in the form of a foil. Until after the Renaissance, the 16 century, the landscape was as an independent genre of painting emerged in the European art world, and get great development.

Decorative landscape, has its own creative pattern. First, there must be a love heart on the scene, financial situation into the King to King have always focussed on. On the one hand the means to seize the scene by painting shape characteristics, collect a lot of material; the other hand, the aesthetic use of learned knowledge and decorative methods for processing the material collected by finishing, general performance. Of course, as the candidates can not spend more time in a short time to gather material for paint, so the information can be summarized through the existing refinery, making it a complete oil paintings.
Oil painting to reconcile with the transparent pigment, produced a grounding in the cloth, paper, wood and other materials to shape the artistic image of the painting. It originated and developed in Europe, to become the world's important modern painting. Produced before the 15th century European paintings in egg tempera is a painting of the former. In the use of egg tempera method at the same time, many artists continue to find more desirable to reconcile agent.
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