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Name:Combination painting
Range:Cover art portfolio, is a very common decoration in the form of paintings, one very good decorative effect. Combination of painting, in recent years been widely used to decorate the main home is generally used in hotels, companies, public places decorative oil painting.
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Taste of home life as people have become increasingly demanding, indoor environment, continuous improvement, interior decoration over again. Decorative painting can be embodied as a master of character and content of interior decoration, with specific colors, lines, shapes, resorting to human vision, for the warm home Adds a fraction of spirituality and fun. In addition to decor, furniture outside, decorative paintings in fact can play in the living room, "add the finishing touch."
Decorations in the family, the painting is an indispensable and important component. Popular decorative painting cardboard painting, gouache paintings, photography paintings, abstract paintings, prints, etc., which is one of the most respected cardboard painting. The picture frame of frame because of breaking the restrictions, giving room for imagination and extended, there is a feeling of skyrocketing from the wall, it has become widely accepted. So many types of art, then room for different functions, the choice of what decorative painting it?
Vestibule - where little space, can be attached to pieces of small and delicate, accompanied by floral frame picture.
Restaurants - appropriate selection of fruits, the green line of decorative painting patterns of natural scenery. If there are bars, but also hanging wine, goblets, coffee pattern painting, to create a warm, hospitable and elegant atmosphere.
Bedroom - To highlight the warm, romantic, quiet, in order to partial warm-based. If a bloom of red roses or the mood of a far-reaching and so hazy picture.
Study - the main pattern in order to still life, pottery bottles, porcelain, word, or simple line sketch of the abstract is a very good choice, to bring out the "quiet Zhiyuan," in mood.
Corridors or stairs - to a group of 3-4 suitable set of paintings can be scattered high and low, but also homeopathy suspension.
Living Room - This is one of the main site daily living activities, and should therefore be carefully chosen and reasonable arrangement.
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